One of my key activities is to direct the University of Georgia Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases. This Center — launched in 2016 — exists to lead the University of Georgia in the fight against infectious diseases through innovative research, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and by educating the next generation of scientists.

Researchers in my lab at UGA perform experiments, conduct field studies, and develop quantitative models to characterize and understand  fluctuations in plant and animal populations and epidemics. Our overarching aim is to produce socially responsible and actionable knowledge to promote human and environmental welfare.

Science progresses by training the next generation. I founded the Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU Site @ UGA and am co-PI of the Interdisciplinary Disease Ecology Across Scales (IDEAS) PhD program. Potential graduate students or postdoctoral associates are encouraged to contact me directly.

Science has its greatest impact when it reaches out to our society, is able to speak to our cultural moment, and is applied to solve our shared problems. Please contact by email about speaking engagements or consulting.

My academic CV is available here.